Your mind is an inevitable tool for prosperity because
you cannot excel beyond the quality of your mind,
God’s intention notwithstanding. You are created in
the image and likeness of God hence all that you need to prosper
has been wired into your being. This means that you have the
nature and creative ability of God already residing in your spirit
man. And God has made this available for you so that you can
prosper and succeed in every area of life. Your success therefore
validates his intent in creating you.
But despite this inherent ability to succeed already resident in
your spirit, your mind can compromise the output. This is why
a mentally deranged person cannot function well in society and
achieve much. This therefore highlights the importance of mind
training and development in the pursuit of success.
Furthermore God created all things you will need and put them
in the earth and put the ideas to manipulate them in the air. So
if your mind is not trained you can never access and enjoy them.
How much you will succeed is therefore not consequent on any
man but it is a product of your mind. Your output in life is
dependent on how trained your mind is.
You therefore need to train your mind for success because
without it you cannot obtain the God kind of prosperity.
In this book, our focus will be on what it means to train your
mind and the areas in which to train your mind for success.