Revised on 3rd of May 2020.

The life and conduct of a minister can inspire and motivate people in the service of God, but it can also scandalize and undermine the people’s faith. This is why a minister must always be aware of the responsibilities that accompany his or her work, and the sacred duty to uphold the faith of others by his/her own conduct.

Giving no offence in any thing, that the ministry be not blamed: But in all things approving ourselves as the ministers of God. – 2Cor. 6:3-4a

The term ‘Minister’ as used in this document refers to all ordained members of the clergy whose job involves leading church services, providing religious guidance to other members of the church, and performing religious ceremonies within the church structure.

The following Code of Conduct has therefore been laid out to guide the conduct of all cadre of ministers in Gospel Pillars Intl. Churches.

A. Faith & Conviction

1. A minister must be born again, filled with the Holy Ghost, and baptized.
2. A minister must be fully persuaded about the vision of the Ministry.
3. A minister must have a genuine passion for God and for souls.

B. General Conduct

4. A minister must not speak unwholesome words.
5. A minister must not be rude to his/her superior.
6. A minister must not engage in physical combat or assault of his/her members under any condition.
7. A minister is not allowed to borrow money from a member of the church.
8. A minister must not be involved in gossiping and backbiting of fellow ministers.
9.A minister must be hospitable and apt to teach.
10. A minister must not lie or steal.
11. A minister must dress well for service.
12. A minister must be neat and presentable at all times.

C. Participation & Administration

13. A minister must attend all weekly services.
14. A minister must be financially involved in the work of the ministry.
15. A minister must have all latest ministry materials.
16. A minister must officiate his/her assigned weekly meetings as designated by the Church leadership.
17. A minister is responsible for the mobilization of his/her members for each service.
18. A minister must submit periodic reports about his/her activities and interactions with members as at when due.
19. A minister must be transparent and accountable in handling financial matters, and must not misappropriate church funds.

D. Marriage, Relationship & Sexual Conduct

20. Under no condition should a minister sleep in the opposite sex house alone.
21. A minister must not have a sexual affair with his/her members.
22. A minister must maintain a good relationship with his/her spouse and family.
23. Where a minister is separated or in a divorce matter, he/she must NOT remain unmarried for a period not exceeding 6-12 months, for chastity.

E. Confidentiality, Records & Information

24. A minister must maintain strict confidentiality regarding information shared by members during counseling.
25. Where there is a clear and imminent danger to a member or to others, the minister may disclose only the information necessary to a Senior minister to prevent harm or to protect the member in question.

The Church Board of Trustees is duly authorized to review these conditions from time to time in accordance with Scriptures and best practices.